Keeping Mentally Well During Confinement

In difficult times we can sometimes forget how important it is to look after our mental health.

Tip 1 – Try to maintain a routine. This could simply mean getting dressed each day and waking up at a similar time as before. A good sleep routine, eating healthy and getting regular exercise.

Tip2 – Try to map out your day. If working from home, make a list or plan for the day ahead can help add a healthy sense of control during this uncertain time. If Home schooling, take the workload from the teacher and set out weekly plan over the 5 days, divide the schoolwork evenly. This will be a useful framework for you and the children and will continue the habit of writing into their homework diary. Remember to schedule in Social connection, exercise and creative time into your day.

Tip 3 – Be careful with Social Media use. Don’t use this as news source – please instead look at fact-based research such as the WHO and HSE website. Try to take breaks from Social Media outlets during the day or limit your daily usage. Continuing to refresh internet pages could contribute to stress and anxiety. Try not to think “What if…”, Ask instead “What can I control?”

Tip 4 – Practicing kindness to ourselves and others. Accept that it is a tough time where we can have feelings of frustration, worry and confusion. Appreciate Nature Spring is coming early. Less noise listen to the birds. Nature is regenerating.

Tip 5 – Be mindful of drink and drug intake, they will exacerbate anxiety in longer run

Tip 6 – Use lockdown to learn something new. Find things that work for YOUR mental and focus on those. What can I do more of, what can I do less of? Try not to compare yourself to others “achievements”, go easy on yourself.

We can beat it together #covid19